Festival season

3:56 AMJennie Barck

I have felt the urge to talk about this for a long time, and I feel like this topic never gets old. Yeah you guessed right it's festivals. Just last saturday I went to Camp Symmetry, the first festival of its kind, which is an indie music festival at Gardens by the Bay. Man I can not emphasize enough how fantastic it was. The line-up was perfect, the mood of the people was so relaxed, the atmosphere was excited and everyone was just happy to be there. The best thing was the range of different kinds of bands: okay it is limited to indie music but in my opinion there were some rock bands, some more pop influenced and some artists that you could not even categorize into the conventional groups. The best thing was going there with my friends, and one of my friends had her 18th birthday on the same day! It was the perfect way for us to celebrate and listen to fabulous music. Next February there's Laneway Festival which I went to last year as well, so we'll see how well it does compared to this. Here are some pictures from Camp Symmetry.

 Last Dinosaurs
Birthday Girl
 William Fitzsimmons
 Real campers

 San Cisco
Best Coast
Symmetrical campers

 Explosions in the sky at midnight

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