Autumn essentials

5:02 AMJennie Barck

Here is a top ten list of all the things I think you need and absolutely cannot live without during autumn or fall in a hotter country. This also mostly applies to the countries where unfortunately we don't get cold weather unlike you other lucky countries, so we try to create the autumn mood in different ways. It is a list made by me and is not the one essential guide for you but just for fun, so I will not babble on but just get started.

1. A dark coloured top or shirt

This has to be in the famous autumn colors: muted orange, maroon, dark blue, red, black, dark green or grey. This makes not having autumn that little bit better because you can still rock those beautiful tops that won't show if you have to wear a coat on top. You can also wear a light beautiful scarf with it, without having to put on the warmest option because it's so cold.

2. Dark pants

This is also essential, and if you really think it's too hot you can wear leggings or jeggings because they're a bit lighter. It usually works well for me if I'm not outside too much and I wear a light top with it. They make you look more autumny as you are covering more skin and they're dark.

3. Scented candles from Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works

They always create that mood you want, and the the autumn smells at those stores are just to die for. Anything you want from gingerbread smell to pinetree scents there is anything. Put those burning in your house and you will feel cozy instantly. 

4. Soft blanket

It is a must when you put on your air conditioning so cold that you have to put on a blanket and snuggle up. It's also way better to feel cold and snuggle up then be sweating without air con don't you think?

5. An amazing book

These are some of my favorites, though some I haven't gotten to reading yet. So when you're there with your candles and blanket snuggling up, what are you missing? That's right, a book that you can read to dive into the story's setting, and depends on what mood you are in, you can take an adventure in whatever place you want, and it will make you feel calm and satisfied. 

6. Nailpolish

It always looks better when you have dark nails during autumn. Black, maroon, navy, orange, dark green? There are so many options, whichever you prefer! These are some of my favorites.

7. Amazing bath bombs from Lush or body scrubs from Soap and Glory

A good bath is always the best way to end the day, and with Lush winter bath collection, you'll feel the vibe instantly. Soap and Glory's scrubs and such smell delicious and we all prefer a good smell in those kind of things, and don't really care about how good it's for your skin.

8. Tasty tea & mandarins

This will make you feel warm and giddy inside, and calms and relaxes like some autumn miracle! Even if you don't feel like having it hot, you can have ice tea, and besides there are so many tastes to choose from.

9. Autumn playlist

A good mellow song and soulful voice will save any autumn night. You can listen to it in the bath or on your way to school if you want to make the walk or bus ride a little bit more emotional and get that autumn feeling. Daughter makes great mellow autumn songs, and they will be coming to Laneway Festival in January!

10. Something new (even if you're not getting married)

I made that indian necklace and starbucks cups are useful to keep your pens, the brown one with the ornaments was a special edition in Malaysia. 
I always see autumn as a time where you are creating a better new self. It is kind of like a new start, and after summer you have so much motivation and energy you want to change something, like your hairstyle, get some new clothes, re-arrange your room, buy new pens or get a new perfume. It could be anything.

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