summer snapshots

3:24 AMJennie Barck

I decided to create this post as a kind of overview of my summer outfits as little snapshots of what I wear in the summertime. I would say in the summer my style tends to stay very laid back and casual, and I definitely have a kind of alternative and hippie edge to it. I'm all for loose, comfortable, effortless and practical; I feel like a summer outfit has got to back up the fact that you're going to be doing lots of activities. It does get quite cold during finnish summers and during those times I like layering: a top, button up shirt, scarf and sunglasses will go a long way. I never accessorize heavily but I love my hats, friendship bracelets and sunnies, they can definitely bump up any outfit that's otherwise simple. Most importantly it needs to look like you don't have a care in the world and you just put up your outfit by chance in a matter of seconds; most of the time that is actually the case for me. I have found that those outfits usually become my favorites.

 You can never go wrong my investing in a staple bag or pair of shoes: it's always better to have a pair that is versatile and lasts for longer instead of buying new ones every month. I've gone for a Mulberry Alexa which is a definite classic that I love pairing with a laid back outfit, it makes the outfit smarter, as well as a pair of white converse.

I also enjoy playing around with different patterns, and pairing them with an otherwise monochrome outfit, such as this black shirt with a beige fruit print. The most important thing though is that I feel comfortable in it and that it allows me to move around, go biking, and it can last for the entire day since I might end up staying out until night time.

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