Singapore visual diary

9:44 AMJennie Barck

From yoga sessions to the global picnic at my high school to brunches with friends, the trip back to my asian home was everything I hoped it would be. Getting to wear shorts and tops again, seeing my cat, family and friends again and experiencing the swell nightlife of Singapore was everything I hoped it would be. I've never seen Singapore the way I did now; it used to just be my home where I was lucky enough to live but it was just the place where I did normal everyday stuff like go to the grocery store and school. Now it seems all exotic and it's like an escape from everything that is "everyday" to me. I notice things that I haven't before and appreciate the little things, like the way shop assistants bow a little to show respect to the customer and how somehow, there is always sun and how you can find delightful asian food in any corner of the country, wether it be a luxurious restaurant or a little hawker centre. I felt so privileged to be able to come back and have the machine at immigration say "welcome home Jennie". I took every opportunity I got to wander around, be in the sun and enjoy every bit of this lovely garden city and I hope you enjoy this little glimpse to my holiday there.

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