The bigger the better

9:00 PMJennie Barck

Bigger, oversized and flowy clothing with a vintage twist

Lately I've come to appreciate and indulge myself in the concept of the more the merrier; more fabric, more colour and more experimentation. I have grown tired of dressing how I used to, in tight jeans and form fitting tops. I have simply grown out of this, and need bigger, oversized garments to suit my sartorial needs. This by no means results in looking like a burlap sack (though come to think of it, I don't think there is anything wrong with that either), but simply welcoming more of the sumptuous textiles that we love. Because why would you keep yourself from enjoying all that clothes have to offer for your body in all their wonderful little ways and limit yourself to the bare minimum? This kind of thinking allowed me to come up with this outfit, where I let my creativity flow and put the richest garments together. It is so satisfying to just let go of expectations and wear whatever you feel like. While on our university trip to Paris we went to the La Mode retrouvée exhibition at the Palais Galliera that focused on the wardrobe of Countess Greffulhe and found a thought-provoking quote by her: "The fashionable woman is only interested in fashion so that she does not need to follow it because she is the fashion. She is the one who decides what to change and works the surprised fabric into new shapes". Now I am not saying that I am as fashionable as the Countess, but just think about the fact that she was this rebellious in early 1900. If she could make fashion what she wanted in that era then what is stopping you and I from doing that now? It is up to us to change fashion if we so desire, and no one is stopping us. The shirt is a men's vintage find, the white trousers Zara, the bag H&M, the sneakers Mango and the coat Zara.

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  1. Love loose form fitted pants and these outfit looks incredibly comfy!

    Sending you love from Sydney xx

    I've recently redesigned my site and posted on my collaboration with The Woolmark Company for Chinese New Year and would love to hear your thoughts!!


  2. Nice post!


  3. Thanks for sharing!
    Good vibes, Fox
    check out my latest Vlog


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