Let's cheat

2:55 PMJennie Barck

Vintage, second hand clothing mixed with sporty spring fashion

When spring time comes around I get the feeling of being more alive and vibrant; somehow I find so much positive energy in the simple things in life. I get excited by things like fresh fruits and veggies, birds chirping, the smell after it rains and when the sun peeks through the clouds. These things make me want to go out and do refreshing things. Explore the city, take a jog in the park, buy new clothes, get a haircut. There is a sense of liberation in the air: no more hiding under sweaters and duvets. The feeling of leaving the house with sunglasses shielding your eyes from those bright sun rays and coming home when it's still bright out is just indescribable. I feel a clear shift in my mood.

So why am I condoning cheating? By definition, cheating is acting in an dishonest way in order to gain an advantage. When if you are cheating just a little bit, for example not following your strict diet for a day in order to have a cheeky ice cream, it can feel just as liberating as spring does. We all need to break the rules once in a while and break out of our chains to explore our limits. So start doing things in your own way and cheat the rules of dressing by putting a crop top on top of a dress and feel the satisfaction of not caring. Let go of your predispositions and let the good times roll. You'll thank me later.

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