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Outfit of the day, winter look

Outfit of the day, winter look

I got this gigantic fluffy poncho as a Christmas present this winter. The moment I saw it I felt an instant connection and it screamed at me how we belong together. It will keep me warm (one of my top priorities while getting dressed) as well as providing me with a sort of fashion tent to escape the harsh reality. On top of all this it has fringes, an aztec like print and it makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. What a perfect gift! Moving on from winter to spring can be difficult sartorially and mentally, but ponchos, thick sweaters and light jackets will do the trick. t is like the comfort blanket for a modern woman that is always on the move, going from one place to another with no constants. This is why me and my poncho belong together. 

Two weeks ago, I made the big move from London to Milan. I am here on an exchange at IED in Fashion Communication for the term, and cannot wait to see what my time here has to bring. So far Milan has been everything I expected and more; sublime ice cream, beautiful girls and boys dressed immaculately, breathtaking architecture and lovely new friendships formed. I hope to soon create a post about life here in Milan so far but as you can probably understand, the beginning is always a stressful and exciting time. So once I have really settled down I will create a post with some of my favourite imagery so far plus some thoughts about life here. Stay tuned!

outfit of the day, fashion blogger

OOTD fashion blogger in kensington

Photos by Kea Bose

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