A Detailed view of Armani Silos

8:34 AMJennie Barck

It's easy to put Armani in a box of being a minimalist, but I would be lying if I didn't say I was intrigued by the Armani Silos Exhibition in Milan on many levels and felt that there is more to say about his designs than that. The first sensation you get entering the exhibitions is his vast experience and long lasting tenure in the fashion industry. He has dressed everyone and done everything, all the while maintaining his precise image that he is so well known for.

The first floor focuses on the "greige" colour he is so well known for, combining grey and beige. This made me immediately focus on the serenity in the detailed craftmanship of his work, which made me decide to focus on the details of his creations; by this I am talking about the bows, buttons and folds that come together to create something extraordinary, and something unmistakably Armani. From the first floor, if you don't know much about Armani before hand you might think his aesthetic is only severe and clean cut which are corner stones of his design process. However, it goes above and beyond on that, building on the simple idea of immaculate tailoring. Everything feels flawless and in a way there is a feeling of wearing a second skin when you dress up in one of these ensembles. Armani is like a life line for a lot of celebrities and the trusted go to designer for all their red carpet events, and it would be hard to imagine the fashion world without someone like Armani.

There is always an air of softness and lightness in his designs that emulate a sense of comfort. This started from things like popularising the power suit for women that made him the go to man for a comfortable yet powerful looking get up. One thing that is certain is that every single piece is made up of exquisite tailoring and every single detail seems considered and purposeful. This makes up a picture of the design house and you can see a clear vision that Armani has implemented that weaves a line through everything from the choice of fabrics, inspirations of the collections to details in accessories. It creates the Armani world that is unmistakable and an important designer to know about. If you are ever in the area and have an interest in fashion, I highly recommend going.

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