An almost graduate

5:42 AMJennie Barck

So the day is almost here *dramatic drumroll* graduation! I really don't have the feeling that I have the age nor the wisdom to be ready for this. It's somehow silly how all I have done in the past 18 years leads up to this one moment where I shake the principals hand and get like 20 seconds of fame after walking back into the crowd with the rest of the 200 others graduates. I'm completely pumped though, and cannot wait for the day to come. All the preparations for the day have been done; got my dress, my shoes, the graduation gown and the mani pedi appointments booked. Here are pictures of my shenanigans before The Day.

Meet my new crush, the Aldo bag 

 Finally found the perfect shoes!

Ready for le graduation

Random walks around the city, finding new favorite places 

Loved the Marimekko collection at Banana Republic, they used some of my fave prints and made them into very wearable and casual pieces of clothing

Enjoying the last bits of delicious asian food at pepper lunch, yum.

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