Last joys of Singapore

10:23 AMJennie Barck

I have summed up here with pictures the things I'll miss most about Singapore when I'm gone. I think I left my heart in Singapore, but I hope it will follow me to Finland soon enough. 

 Finding unused and completely new clothes at flea markets that are very inexpensive is something that I've only encountered in Singapore.

 1. One of the last truly asian lunches in a while and we went for pad thai and pinepple fried rice, yum! 2. Obviously we had to do the most touristy things in Singapore and go up to Marina Bay, so here's the view from the-less-cliche side. 3. The orchard gateway tunnel was open and I loved the view from up there. 4. A proper expat brunch with pancakes, bacon and omelette, it had to be done!

1. Visiting sentosa and I can't believe I'm still surprised by how nice it actually is out there. 2. Went to a spanish restaurants with this clique, nothing like being obnoxious expats at Sentosa. 3. Visiting the new condo my family is moving to and I love how it looks so english. 4. I made myself gluten-free bread and to everyone's surprise it actually looked decent and like an actual bread. 

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  1. ihanii kuvii jenni! mitä kuuluu ?:) ja vähän siisti et oot päässy lontooseen opiskelee!

  2. voi kiitos! o hyvää kuuluu, mitäs täällä suomen talvi säissä :D joo onhan se aika siistii emmä itekkään viel ihan tajuu et mä oikeeti meen sinne


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