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8:59 AMJennie Barck

On September 8th 2014 I packed my life in three suitcases,  got on the plane to leave my home for the past 4 years and left for new adventures in another country. My mom embarked on the journey with me and on the 13 hour flight I managed to watch about 6000 movies and a couple episodes of suits before landing after midnight. We spent the stressful week searching for a place for me to stay, desperately trying to find winter clothes for me and taking the train to Epsom and back. 

The week basically consisted of binge eating gluten free pizza and pasta

I fell in love with the quiet parks and quaint city street of Epsom and knew this was a small town I was willing to live in for at least a year.

 The house I ended up moving in, it was the perfect pick for me with the green gardens and quiet neighborhood.

After all the hassle was done I had time to go to my first fashion show ever, an event organized in a church as a fundraiser for a charity organization that helps Cambodian women learn knitting, crocheting  etc.

Even though the start was extremely hard and I found the first couple of days of school quite miserable I did eventually settle in and found my place, and I have to say it is just how I imagined it and I very much enjoy living here. There are still some things I don't understands about british culture, and some things that came to me as a culture shock like why tea is not served at english tea and why half six means 6.30 (by the sound of it, it should be a half an hour before six so 5.30 right??). I guess I'll have to just live with it and try to adapt. 

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