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6:51 AMJennie Barck

Being an expat in a city where basically everything is handed to you on a golden platter, the move away can present itself as quite the challenge for most people. People who have not lived this kind of life don't understand the extent to which our life is quite frankly perfection. In Singapore my life consisted of taking the world renowned IB program in the city central with the closest shop being something along the lines of Dior, being asked to model by people on the streets and basically being treated as a VIP everywhere I went. I had the opportunity to eat food from all over the world in luxurious restaurants, shop in the most high end shops on the planet and live in the most expensive city in the world since 2014. At some point, whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, you start taking it all as a given and you don't recognize how good you have it. Even if you do appreciate the opportunities you are given, you can't think of going back to an alternative way of life where everything isn't as easy or doesn't work as perfectly as it does in Singapore. 
In the last month that I came back to Singapore I started to think about all this, having come back from my summer holiday in Finland. I started to notice how smoothly life rolled and somehow everything was just better in Singapore: it made me never want to leave! Naturally it isn't perfect and there are things that start to get on your nerves after a while (the bluntness of taxi drivers for example). Having said that, Singapore has and always will hold a certain charm to me that no other place can ever beat. Therefore as relief for the immense home sickness that I've been feeling towards my favourite little island, and as a demonstration of my gratitude of the life I had there I decided to compile a list of the characteristics that I miss the most.

  •  Macchiato at KOI or any other cafe for that EXCEPT for Starbucks

  •  Clarke Quay: the best thing is being able to go out and just have one destination with the best selection of bars and clubs and having it a walking distance from home

  •  Fast internet speed: this is definitely one of those things that you only learn to appreciate when it's gone, no matter if you're in the middle of the jungle or on the 70th floor, internet speed is always impeccable

  •  Marina Bay: one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen it presents itself as the perfect jogging, hanging out, clubbing and shopping area and you will surely be aesthetically pleased

  •  Transportation: nowhere else can you be sure to get a cheap taxi at anytime, anywhere or a subway or bus with sufficient air conditioning that are always completely clean

  •  The weather: the best thing about this is that you never have to think twice before going for the daily shorts-top-sandals combo

  • Orchard Road: it's almost impossible to have such a wide array of shops: from cheap to ridiculously over priced and from independent Singaporean designers to H&M, Orchard has it all  plus the shops are open until 10-11pm everyday which allows night time shopping with less people and cooler air

  •  Brunches: the best stereotypical expat activity is definitely going out for brunches: what could be better than combining my two favorite meals and just sitting around talking and eating for hours?

  •  Ladies night: going out on a wednesday for in Singapore is a promise of a good night out: you will not be disappointed by the flow of free drinks 

  • Hawker food: the vast selection of foods from anywhere from vietnam to japan to indonesia is something that I will never experience in the UK: especially in the pricing and authenticity of the food

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  1. Quite frankly I think you portrayed Singapore and every single expat as a shallow, spoiled, elitist group of people who have never had to work hard for anything in their life and are basically going around preaching about how amazing everything is for them.

    1. Oh no that's not what i was trying to say at all, I was simply trying to express that I have been very privileged! I do not think all expats are shallow at all, this was just about my own experiences


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