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3:46 AMJennie Barck

Having lived in London for quite a while now I felt like it was time for me to tell you about my favourite spots in the city that I have already ventured to. London is much larger in size than I realized, and it also has so much more going on than SOHO and so much more to offer than I ever would have imagined. Even though I live on the outskirts of the city, I always try to make excuses to travel uptown, and will do so around twice a week. See I feel like if I have come all the way over here, I should be taking full advantage of living in a terrific place such as London and be exploring all the wonderful places it has to offer; this post is also a reminder for myself to keep doing so. The best things to do are things that I couldn't do in either Singapore or Finland and that are just unique to this exuberant city. Recently, I have been visiting a bunch of places I haven't been in earlier so I just want to share these with you so you can also enjoy them and that I can share my love for this place. I would love to keep exploring, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could live any suggestions of places that I have yet to see in the comments below!

Camden Market

Victoria and Albert museum

Hyde park at sunset

London Bridge and Borough market

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