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7:15 AMJennie Barck

As a fashion journalism student, which is a very specific and unique thing to be as only about 5 universities in the UK offer the course, I presume a lot of people in my course are doing exactly what they want to be doing and they are very passionate about it. If I didn't want to do this specific course I wouldn't have researched university websites and UCAS trying to find out if a course called fashion journalism actually exists. I could have gone to a larger university and chosen something safe that will get me a good paying job for the rest of my life. What is the point of taking a degree like fashion journalism if you are only in it to get a secure future or to experience uni life? Choosing a specialist course like this I feel shows that you are committed to the subject and already demonstrates that you are intrigued. I know a lot of people choose their degree depending on its job prospects or what their parents want them to do and I completely understand that and how you might not even have a choice to make there. In my case, all my parents said to me was, "I want you to do exactly what makes you happy". They did not give me any suggestions or hints in any direction and a complete freedom to pursue all my options. Since I was about 9 I wanted to work in fashion and specifically design but after having some discussions with my parent I came to the realization that maybe journalism was my path, and they really helped me see that.  

I know that at this moment I am doing the thing that I love most in the world and I couldn't have chosen a more suitable course for myself. Fashion gets me so emotional sometimes, I could be scrolling through catwalk pictures and see a dress that is just so beautiful I get tears in my eyes. The other day I got a package in the mail with a bunch of fashion bibles that made me so incredibly happy. And I know for a fact that I'm not the only one this happens to!

So many people that I know find it so hard to find the thing that they want to do the most and find the thought of having to decide on a degree quite intimidating and too definite. The thing that worked for me in finding out what I wanted to study was firstly thinking about what I enjoy doing the most and what I was most intrigued by, combined with what degree would actually be useful in pursuing the career I wanted to have. Because chances are, if you really love something you will also be good at it or at the very least eager to learn to be better, and that's the exact thing you should be doing at university.

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  1. Hi Jennie! Well said... I'm glad that you're doing what you are really passionate about!

    Jessica |


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