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9:18 AMJennie Barck

These past months, excluding settling into my new life, have been all about dreaming of a vacation where i can escape somewhere far into the unknown areas of Bali, having folkloric thoughts about the upcoming winter with plans of going skiing and having forest adventures, hanging out with friends doing absolutely nothing but talking for hours, exploring the street of London to find the winner of my "cutest independent coffee shop" competition and getting excited about the history of fashion, particularly the period between 1900-1930. So here's a little sum up for all the things that have gotten me psyched this month.



how to be parisian wherever you are by sophie mas, audrey divan, caroline de maigret and anne berest

I went through this masterpiece in two days only, which for a slow reader like me is quite impressive. It was so intelligent in how it was entertaining yet informative. This is one of those books that I know I'll go over and read again if I ever need help with anything.


i love you more than you think by rizzle kicks
bright whites by kishi bashi
elephant by laleh
sisters by radical face
16 years by the griswolds 
cold cold man by saint motel
RUN by san cisco
paris by magic man




caroline de maigret- i love her brutal honesty and witty nature
susie bubble- the way she worked her way to the top but kept her humility is admirable
rachel faller- founder of cambodian brand tonle, i love the unique cause behind it


chloe sevigny x opening ceremony

bora aksu

isabel marant

christopher kane

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