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11:42 AMJennie Barck

Life as a student at the University for the Creative Arts Epsom has been somewhat exactly what I expected, and yet some things have come as a complete surprise to me. The unhealthy lifestyle (sleeping in, not eating proper meals and having them at unnatural times), lack of clean clothing and constant partying were things i expected from the daily schedule of a student. This was all something I wanted to experience as I grow up into the responsible adult I'm supposed to be. I wanted to go through it so I can learn how to live the cheapest life I can, know how to make the quickest meals for when you're in a rush and learn as much as I can of course. My life has basically consisted of navigating through the London underground system, trying to find the coolest places to hangout in London and sleeping too little. As I have been going to uni for almost two months already, I feel like I have already grasped the student lifestyle and know what I need to do to improve it. I have participated in the stereotypical freshers events an art school has to offer and I must say it opened the door to a possible lifestyle that I would love to be a part of. Let me explain this: the girl who lives this life is one who goes to exhibitions and galleries in London on a weekly basis, she checks out restaurants in a part of town that the university labelled hip, sits in a park while reading the newest independent fashion magazine issue and goes for drinks at a bar where she knows that all the important people in the industry go; just so she could get a chance to get an interview. She's done with nasty clubs that only students go to in a small town, has applied for numerous jobs in fashion and constantly updates her blog in the hopes of a bigger readership. Of course in my case that person is not me, as it requires so much more effort and motivation. Maybe one day...

As a feeble attempt to be more cultured I went to the V&A and tried to make every sunday a culture day: that didn't work out.

I have also been desperatly trying to find good asian food and this sushi was actually quite delicious!

Me and calendar of places to visit and things to do in London: I need to bring it everywhere!

On a IKEA trip that I might have picked up a few too many things.

A day at uni wouldn't be complete without a pick-me-up cup of costa latte

One of the times I actually managed to make a home cooked meal (with the help of my friends of course)

Reunion with my Singapore buddies who fortunately live just a couple hours away!

Living in a big city like London means that fortunately there are a lot of people that can and want to visit me!

Another perk: there will be huge megastars like my favorite Lady Gaga coming to perform of a regular basis

When I do go to the supermarket I always go to far and then everything expires before I can eat it

As a fashion student I tried to replicate the look of an icon for Halloween, can you guess who I am?

 My first time carving a pumpkin! Can you guess which ones mine?

I'm obviously adapting to the weather: wearing a top outside when it was about 5 degrees

And a picture from one of the many nights at boogie.

 Hope everyone else is doing good in uni or whatever else you are doing!

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  1. Love Your blog, Jennie!

  2. London is a busy place to be studying in right? Never quite what you expected ;) I'm having the same issues.

    Lots of love, Hira: <3

    1. yeah, i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one!


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