New years aspirations

3:58 PMJennie Barck

Whether people admit it or not, like everyone else I will be making new years resolutions this year as pathetic attempts to improve the quality of my life. Along with a bunch of other people too, I wonder year after year what it is about this day that makes everyone think they can somehow reinvent themselves and become someone completely different the very next day, when in reality you will probably sleep most of the day and wake up not remembering half of your resolutions. If we are so keen on improving ourselves why can't we do it any other day of the year? How about we start each week with taking a turn for the better in one aspect of our lives, ending up with an accumulated new, improved self. Surely this would be more effective than making unattainable and ambitious goals that need to be achieved by the end of the year. However, this day always brings out a group of new ideas in my head on how I could improve myself in one way or another. I have therefore decided to call these my new years aspirations in the hopes that I won't be so self-depreceating when I don't actually achieve them, and so that they can be more like guidelines for me to follow to someday become that perfect person. I wish you all the best for the year 2015 and hope you have a wonderful celebration with your friends or family, or alone if you so desire. So without further ado, here are my new years aspirations for the year 2015!

1.  Instead of being nostalgic and looking to the past all time I will look ahead and plan the future.

For this I give all credit to this i-D article about how we are a generation of throwbackthursdays and flashbackfridays when there are exciting and interesting things happening in our lives right now. What I mean by this is more of that "live in the moment" crap and less of scrolling through pictures and thinking about the good old times.

2. Become more active in every aspect of my life

I want to do less of staying under my covers all day making excuses about why I can't do certain things and more of forcefully getting up, putting on nice clothes and putting on make up so I literally have to go outside and do something because I wouldn't want to waste a nice outfit. There are so many things I could be doing in a city like London rather than catching up on meaningless vlogs and keeping up with the kardashians.

3. To dress to express...

I've always been very basic and kind of shallow in the way I dress and think about putting together an outfit; it doesn't really require a complicated thought process of combining accessories and clothes, more like putting together a shit and pants that match. I want to experiment, make fashion mistakes and look tacky so I can find a style that expresses my mood, my values or my sense of fashion, and makes some kind of a statement about where I stand.

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