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10:13 AMJennie Barck

Every year during fashion week brands bring out their new collections that are to be worn in half a years time, giving us enough time to muse over the diversity of different trends and figure out what we like and dislike. So now that it's finally time for these clothes to arrive to high street shops and spring campaigns to come out, I and the rest of the general pubic can finally start rocking these looks. I have therefore decided to create a little summary of my 10 favourite trends from the collections this year as a guide to what to wear when I get stuck, and who knows, maybe it might give you some guidance as well!

1. Boxy Tumpet sleeves

I still can't get over the normcore trend that dominated 2014, especially the slouchy, oversized tees with bozy sleeves. This worn with a pair of mini shorts and heels that especially A Detacher nailed would look great during the summertime.

2. Sporty chic

This is a trend that's been around for what feels like ages but I've personally never been too hyped about it. However after seeing ADEAM's and Akris' exuberant creations I quickly changed my mind. I'd love to rock this look with fruity colours and a sleek hair updo.

3. Indian hippie
Alberta ferretti is among my favourite designers at the moment (given my bias towards all italian designers) and the fact that he so wholeheartedly embraced the native american suede look made me appreciate his collection so much more. Brown suede was used in other collections but to a lesser extent, like in this cowboy like ensemble by Prada.

4. Art or fashion

From this season I am probably the most intimated yet intrigued by this trend. Antonia Marras had some wonderful artsy prints and embellishments going on in his collection and I hope that one day I'll have the courage to wear the likes of them.

5. A-line everything

Since about a year ago I've been absolutely obsessed with Delpozo's 60's retro vibes, clean cuts and modernity. This season they continued this and took their love for A-lines to another season and I have to say I'm still quite smitten; the mini dresses, the top with a hem and the midi skirts, what's not to love?

6. Dress over t-shirt combo

I am so glad that Au Jour Le Jour brought back this cute 90s trend (that I would have worn as a 11 year old) and made it chic again with a strappy patterned dress and a loose tee combo; I can't wait to try this one out.

7.  Asymmetric

The asymmetric trend was among the most reoccurring and clear trends of SS 2015 and Opening Ceremony was a proud ambassador of that. The wraparound dresses with an asymmetric form were my absolute favourites among with Christopher Kane's zig zag cut outs on various dresses.

8. Orange

Orange was all over the runways during the last fashion week, namely Giulietta, who made a safety vest orange look refined on a cocktail ensemble with a black and white sequins as well as Roksanda with a more subdued take on the neckline of a geometric patterned dress.

9. Glamour peasant

Isabel Marant's collection was one that caught my attention with its sacks of wheat adorned with diamonds and ropes. Her mini dresses didn't look the least bit cheap with her innovative design skills shining through. Who would have thought that a bag like, unfinished dress tied around the waist with a rope could look undeniably fresh and trendy?

10. Blue cotton shirt

This trend was probably my personal favourite out of all, and Jonathan Saunders did a wonderful job at spread heading it around fashion week. Previously I've been obsessing over white cotton shirts but when the hue changes to blue I feel like there are endless possibilities to make it a new and interesting look: just take Valentino for example, pairing the shirt with an ethnic and folkloric midi skirt.

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  1. Great ideas Jennie! Love especially the Indian Hippie trend! :)

    1. thank you simona! you have an amazing blog as well, keep it up :)

  2. so excited for asymmetric, A-line, glamour peasant and orange! This was a fab post, bookmarked it so I can look back on it in a few weeks x

    1. thats so sweet, thanks a lot! in love with your blog too, especially the post about carrie bradshaw


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