Winter nostalgia

7:37 AMJennie Barck

For the christmas holidays I flew off to Finland for a three week holiday in the winter wonderland. I spent a few days in my hometown Espoo before heading down to a seaside town Hanko where we have a little holiday house. Since my family only arrived on Christmas Eve, I had plenty of time for catching up with my grandparents and cousins and it was lovely having the house for just me and my best friend for a few days. After my family arrived, my holiday consisted of lots of failed attempts at playing Charades, long walks along the beach, thrift shop runs, cafe visits and catching up on finnish TV comedy gems like Posse and Putous. It was a very traditional holiday full of doing things of absolutely no importance except for spending time with relatives. I even managed to build a snowman! It was good to have a little break from the student life and have a fridge full of delicacies for a change; everything from the proper heating system to the tidy house felt so luxurious! Overall it was a very satisfying holiday season, but it was good to come back to London. I mostly missed going to uni and the work we would have to do, as well as shops not closing at 1pm (I mean seriously Finland!? who even wakes up at that time). I've added some photos down below from my time in Finland as well as pre-Christmas gitters from London.

See ya Finland!

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