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Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma is the style icon I am the most happy about discovering; her style represents everything a good taste in clothes means to me. It is classic and sophisticated yet trendy and she always looks well put together and representable. Everything from her immaculately cut hair, quirky sunglasses and muted colours of choice is perfect. I love the way she is not afraid to take small risks by combining risky colours like muted orange and maroon. She is also a huge fan of Valentino, my favourite clothing brand since I was about 12 years old.

Julia Sarr-Jamois

Since recently discovering Julia Sarr-Jamois from one i-D shoot that I adored, I have fallen in love with her intrinsic cool factor. She is a lover of colourful print on print combinations and wacky sunglasses and she mixes and matches these with impeccable style. She can wear baby pink fluffy heels that look like something Barbie could have worn without a hint of mockery, and look fabulous. If I was ever as brave as her, these are exactly the kinds of clothes I would be wearing.

Hanneli Mustaparta
Me being drawn to Hanneli Mustaparta might be the result of me being biased towards any finns out in the world, but I can't deny my love for her vibe. She somehow manages to look casual, down to earth and effortless in any high fashion piece. I can definitely see her finnish roots in the way she wears stripes with matching accessories, a combination Marimekko favours, but her time abroad has definitely refined her style to its current level.

Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo has for long been an idol of mine, in fact she is one of the first fashion icons I remember referencing. She surfs on all the latest fashion waves, as can be seen from her Burberry cape that got sold out almost instantly, but that she somehow managed to snatch up. She is definitely quite minimalistic and classy, but likes to experiment with little pops of colour and interesting accessories.

Leandra Medine
Leandra Medine is one of the funniest and realest humans I know, and after reading her autobiography I completely fell in love with everything about her. Her personality might be the biggest reason for me to have fallen in love with her style, be what it may, but I have started to adopt her non-serious outlook on fashion and have started to just play around with different things and have fun with it.

Kristina Bazan
I feel like Kristina Bazan's style is the most luxurious and glamorous out of all these, seen from her love for diamond jewellery and high end brands such as Dolce & Gabbana. However I do feel like she styles her pieces to a very high standard and the end result is always pleasing to the eye. She has her own take on luxury, and likes to mix expensive with casual.

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