Fashion week shenanigans

4:22 PMJennie Barck

As some of you may or may not know, London's hectic fashion week was on the last week of February. I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of attending two catwalk shows during that week. Not because my take on trends as a blogger is valued by anyone (as much as I hope it would be), but because I intern at a fashion PR company. Not that I'm not just as grateful to be able to work there, but just so we're clear about where I stand. My actual job at fashion week was nothing special, just the regular intern kind of stuff, but I did feel like I was given an enormous amount of trust by my employers just to be able to attend the event. I felt very respected and important because of that, and had a huge need to impress them to show my utter gratitude. I believe organising and working behind-the-scenes of a show is a very different kind of experience than just coming to watch it. The behind-the-scenes is the part that I enjoy the most, as you get to see all the hassle and preparation that goes on backstage, and how much time and effort goes into the final event. Theres models, photographers, PR personnel, the designers, make up and hair artists and press and co-ordinating all those people to make sure the show runs seamlessly is harder than you might imagine. Once you throw in the editors, stylists and maybe even celebrities who come to watch the show it becomes quite the hotpot of all the important fashion people.

It is humbling to see everyone supporting that one designer with their time, and how much effort the people working there put into making them feel the most welcomed into the fashion world. It can be hard to fit a show into the schedule of busy editor-in-chiefs who come from all over the world, let alone get it to stand out from the impressive lot of shows they see just during one day. This is where PR people try to help the designer as much as they can, by getting as many press people, photographers and bloggers to come, and arranging the best location and time slot. The best part is when you notice how all those things you have done during the past couple of weeks amount to what is a great turn out and a fantastic show. During the weeks leading up to fashion week, us interns got the invitations ready to be delivered, ran around London personally handing them out as well as some other errands that needed to be taken care of. After the show, we checked all twitter and instagram posts and compiled them into slideshows to be sent out to the designers, so they can see how successful their show was. Overall it was a very rewarding experience which i learned a lot from, and came to the conclusion that this definitely is the industry I want to work in.

Pictures courtesy of Anna Olszewska and Thurstan Redding

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