At London Fashion Weekend

1:17 PMJennie Barck

The fashion obsessed freak that I am, I decided to book tickets for a catwalk show at the London Fashion Weekend that happened straight after the real fashion week for actual fashionistas. Me and my friend Laura planned our outfits days in advance, trying on different combinations that would say ”I know about currents trends and I flaunt them with just the right amount of individuality”, a process that any self respectable fashionista goes through before important events as such. When the outfits were perfected to the right standard, we put on our highest heels so that we coud demonstrate how much we're willing to suffer for fashion, and promenaded to the event. I was happy with comments like ”hello princess”, whilst Laura had various people adoring her new coat. This is how we knew they were successful outfits, and that the fashion world were definitely ready for our fabulous presence. On top of the bunch of free stuff we got, we had the chance to feel the excitement of the mainly girl crowd, all dressed in their best, to feel like we were a part of something bigger. The room was full of young, passionate and driven girls and boys and it was an honour to be a part of that atmosphere. We were the respected fashion crowd, the new generation of fashion personalities. It was the best feeling, and definitely exceeded all of my expectations. We had the pleasure of seeing the Fyodor Golan show, which had already been showed at the real fashion week to fashion editors and other influential people. Sitting on that front row with our legs crossed, eyeing at the models up and down, not being able to keep an unwavering facial expression like we are supposed to, I knew that this was the place we were meant to be. The show was full of Lady Gaga-esque shoes, colourful and innovative prints and oversized midi skirts in primary colours. An absolute delight to watch. I know I will be back again London fashion week, even if it is not as an invited guest. So that you can also experience the excitement of the event I have added some pictures I took at the show below. Enjoy and keep chasing your dreams!

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  1. London <3 What a stunning show, I like it!
    Love from France!
    Bisous <3!


  2. wow such a lovely post! great job x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (


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