Outfits of winter months

4:05 AMJennie Barck

This compilation of outfits is sort of a diary of how my style evolves and changes during the first winter months, for me to see what affects the way I dress and for you to see which combinations of clothes I thought would be suitable for the day. I think it's interesting to see how I have different periods where I favour a couple of colours over others, and I wear those almost exclusively. Also a lot of the time I have very girly periods with floral prints and dresses, which makes this month an interesting and notable exception. This month it seems to be a combination of grey and browns, as those appear in my shoes, bag, coat etc. Might have something to do with the overall gloominess of the month, but something just drove me to those colours daily like a moth to a flame. I will make an effort of capturing more looks during the month in the future as this obviously only shows the outfits that I thought looked somewhat decent. I might even make this into a monthly series if I feel like it. There are a couple of university pieces that I would like to share with you including an interview with a fashion PR consultant and a piece about the emergence of 60s youth subcultures and their effect on fashion. If you people would be interested in seeing those do let me know! Also if you couldn't care less and you'd rather see me ramble on about my uninteresting life, I would also like to have knowledge of that. I would appreciate any feedback at all. So without further ado, here are some of my outfit ensembles of the month! Stay cool people.

At the BFI at Southbank watching a french film on a tuesday night

Outfit on the go

Cultural sunday, this time checking out the British Museum

Found the greatest pair of trousers at a sale at Topshop

Gotta love spring sales

Implementing new trends including the dress on shirt thing

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