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11:55 PMJennie Barck

Yesterday I felt motivated and ready to explore new hip areas. I felt like I was reborn in my brand new squeaky clean white Mango sneakers, my Absolute Vintage jumpsuit and second hand Missoni top. I was in an artsy mood and so I thought; what a perfect day to go out to explore the galleries at Gillman Barracks, and I wasn't wrong. A perfect back drop for a mini fashion shoot with its white buildings with intricate detail and lush forest surrounding it. I feel like I do have to admit something: I'm quite an art gallery junkie. I cannot think of many other situations where I feel as content as I do whilst scrolling through photography, sculpture and painting, soaking in the visual thrill and discovering the meaning behind it. It must sound lame to a lot of you but oh boy do I enjoy it. The ironic humour in some of the art pieces and the pure eye candy amused me the most. After walking around seeing art from countries as far flung as Italy and Afganistan, we went to have a bit of a coffee and ice cream break. A satisfying little Sunday walk about that ended with a peaceful Yin Yoga session; what more could I ask for.

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  1. Such a comfy outfit! love your jumpsuit <3 oh and art galleries are some of the most relaxing places!



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