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5:34 AMJennie Barck

© Katharina Laube

I have been doing quite a bit a exploring of new spots and some old favorites. Recently I found out that Gardens by the Bay, which I have visited a number of times before, does something wonderful right in front of our eyes without us knowing. Being at the top of technologically advanced countries, I'm not surprised Singapore has a few ecological tricks up its sleeve. The Supertrees are not only eye candy; they are also used as solar panels to light the trees up during the night. There's water harvesters, heat energy is reused for other purposes and so many other cool things; all the more reason to love this compound full of photoshoot opportunities. There's plenty of more information about this on their website, and even more at the mini museum under the domes. I recommend this tourist attraction to anyone visiting Singapore; it is a breathtaking site. Just one of the ways Singapore is using it's skill of combining stunning beauty with eco friendly intentions.

© Katharina Laube

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