Reuse, reuse and reuse

1:18 AMJennie Barck

I'm sure all eco-conscious individuals have considered the waste clothes create already, and possible ways of going about reducing that waste. Therefore this isn't coming as news to any of you, but reusing clothes is one of the easiest ways of minimising your carbon footprint. What I talk about here are clothes swaps, flea markets, your grandmother's closet and charity shops. I rediscover the charm of second hand clothing on quite a regular basis, namely everytime I go back to Finland. The sheer amount of options for finding used clothes in the smallest towns baffles me every summer. I mean just think about the fact that on a casual fleamarket crawl I stumbled upon a vintage Missoni top for 2 euros. 2 EUROS. The last place I thought I'd find a Carrie Bradshaw-esque skirt is a Red Cross shop but that's exactly where I found the perfect one. Never overlook the value of second hand you young, broke, fashion students!

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