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12:31 AMJennie Barck

So I decided to document my whole day yesterday just to see what I get up to on a normal study leave day.

 I usually love to have a big breakfast because it's my favorite meal of the day but also because I'm usually quite hungry in the mornings. The best thing is reading vogue while having your favorite things: good coffee, granola with soy milk and peach.

 If I'm going somewhere during the day I always do my make up straight after breakfast. Today I was opting for a fresh spring look, the make up professional that I am. I never do my hair since it's always naturally curly and don't bother brushing it, I just put some hair oil and go through with it with my fingers.

 Of course I had to stop and smell the flowers (and came to the conclusion they don't even smell) but it's the looks that matters so here are some pretty flowers.

 Then I cuddled with my adorable baby sister Bella who's sleeping in her fav spot in the house as always.

 This song was playing in my head yesterday, and I also just found out it's a cover of the Spice Girls song! Could it be more perfect?

 The outfit of the day. I chose to wear this jumpsuit since I wasn't like going to a casual hangout with my friends and thought lunch was the perfect excuse to dress up a bit.

 Me being my normal self, I just couldn't resist.

Le gorgeous sister posing with my shirt (yes it's okay that you borrow it this one time).

 We decided to go to Marche since I haven't been there in so long, and I was craving Rösti so there you go, I ain't gonna say no to that.

Since we were out already, my mom and I decided to go shopping for a graduation dress for me; found lots of cute dresses like that white one with the blue zic zac and dropwaist, but none of them felt just right.

 (love Robinson's so I decided to share its beauty with you guys)

 Here's a dress I found at Topshop and I loved it because you could wear it whether it's summer or winter and it's not too girly girly and conventional.

 This is the dress that I ended up liking most of all; but unfortunately I couldn't get it either because it was so see through which is such a shame because otherwise it was the perfect dress.

The audi fashion festival stage that I once again didn't get to attend :(

I also bought these organic shampoos at Watson's because I couldn't stand the smell of the coconut one my sister bought me (I don't know what it is, but the smell of coconut makes me sick). I'm getting to the habit of buying organic, unprocessed, recycled and eco friendly products. The real reason I went to Watson's though was for the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, which is perfection, and I was running out of mine.

I got this Gluten Free cookbook from my besties in Singapore for my birthday and decided to try out this recipe that I thought looked good. Surprisingly though, it took about 2 and a half hours to prepare it, but when I finally got it done I don't even know if it was worth it. I did have fun making it though, and I could always use the experience since next year I will be preparing all of my meals myself.

Here's the finished product. Not as pretty as the picture, but the taste is all that matters.

And there you go. I did leave out the bits where I was studying which was quite minimal that day considering the business exam is tomorrow. Wish me luck because I will be needing it.

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