Life without school

8:54 AMJennie Barck

Well school's out and its been a week since my social media break and I'm loving it. I'm living the life, taking every day as it comes, relaxing and doing all the things I was too busy to do before. It's just more relaxing than you'd think, not using any social media. Everyone tells me how stupid this is and how I'm taking it too far, but I couldn't be happier. I feel so free and I love the feeling of being able to disconnect and unplug for a while, and it's enabled me to do so many things when I'm not wasting time. For example on the list of things that I've done while not using social media: going to my first job interview, getting my first job, see youtubers such as troy sivan, tyler oakley, superwoman, bethany mota etc (which was a totally spontaneous thing) and reading books just because I can.

Sad Jennie before my last exam ever, because ew school but also because I will never go to that place again and I hate to say it but I'll miss it.

 Post-final exam sandwiches, mmmm
Sunny day out

Brunch at Robert Timms with the finns and a giant rose macaroon.

Tomorrow I'm off to my first day of work at Esprit so I better head to sleep. I'll be posting again either tomorrow or the day after that.

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