Best fleamarkets in Singapore

2:02 AMJennie Barck

The red cross flea market (at least on Penang Lane) I think is a good option especially when it comes to buying clothes or accessorize. Last time I went there I found this gorgeous black Zara jumpsuit and lots of designer shoes and cute vintage jewelry. The only downside is that it's only open on Wednesdays :(

For shopping furniture, deco or anything to do with interiors, Junkie's Corner is the best. They have a lot of crap to be honest, but I found a Marilyn Monroe poster and a gorgeous vintage crocheted bag that looks like it's taken straight from the Dolce& Gabbana fall 2012 collection.

Of course I have to mention the classic Salvation Army fleamarkets, because whatever country or place they are in, I never fail to feel serendipity when I enter their store. They might not have designer labels or anything special but there's always something for everyone.

Here's some more that I didn't mention yet:

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